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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Skype on Cell Phones


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Are you looking for a great place to find cell phones? Shop at our electronics store and find a selection of cell phones, cell phone plans, and cell phone accessories. We make online shopping easy and inexpensive too.

Are you a Skype user and have a cell phone, well now you dramatically reduce long distance and roaming charges by using the new WebMessenger Mobile for Skype mobile client.

WebMessenger allows you to take Skype on the road with you. Check the availability of colleagues, friends, and family on your mobile phone, send and receive chat messages, or even simply click on them to give them a quick shout.

Skype's WebMessenger Mobile allows you to call anywhere in North America for free and to countries around the world for the same low rates that you now expect. The software comes in two versions, a free one and another paid version with several extra features.

There are two versions:

WebMessenger Mobile for Skype - Free version
- Click-to-Call - call your Skype buddy with a push of a button
- Text chat
- Add new contacts
- Supports up to 20 buddies

WebMessenger Mobile for Skype - Subscription version for $3.95 per month
- All the above
- 3-way calling
- Multi-party conferencing up to 4 connections
- Supports hundreds of buddies

I just wanted to say that this type of cool softwares are threaten by big "teleco" companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast. How? Well they want to continue to charge tons of money for international phone services so they want to charge companies like Skype a big sum of money to stay on the internet or stop us from accessing their VoIP software to make cheap calls online and on our cell phones! Go to Its Our Net to find out more.

unlocked cell phones, cellular phone handset, camera phone pics, mobile phone reviews

unlocked cell phones, cellular phone handset, camera phone pics, mobile phone reviews

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unlocked cell phones, cellular phone handset, camera phone pics, mobile phone reviews

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